Value Engineer (VE)
V. E.  (Value Engineering)
VE is a tool to aid and assist the estimator in Value Engineering a job. Left click to open.
A small choice window will appear: STANDARD, COPPER TO ALUMINUM, M.C. CABLE.


1. Click 'VE', then Click 'Standard'

2. Two blank white windows appear with a blue window in the right.

3. In the blue window is a small menu with the choices: data, devices, elbows, fittings, plates.

4. Note - Certain conditions must apply for an item to become a VE item. An estimate with GRC elbows may be VE
    to PVC elbows therefore are a VE item. An estimate with PVC elbows are not a VE item, there is nothing to VE
    to, so nothing will show up on the elbow report.
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5. From the VE sub-menu we have applied the following logic to the associated parts:
     A. DATA:     cat 6 to cat 5e
     B. DEVICES: spec grade / decora to commercial grade
     C. ELBOWS: GRC / Bitumastic to PVC
     D. FITTINGS: Steel (comp / ss) to Die Cast
     E. PLATES:    Stainless Steel to Plastic

6. Choose an item in the sub-menu you want to VE by pointing (such as elbows) and left click. The top screen will
     populate with those items. As you analyze the items, point the mouse on the item in the 'from' column, left click
     and the line turns an aqua color. Continue with this procedure until all the lines that you want to VE have been

7. At this time you can also change the quantity of an item. For instance, you may only want to change 6 out of the 10
    elbows for some reason. Just highlight the VE quantity (all the way to the right), left click and change the number in
    the pop-up window.

8. Over to the right of the screen, on occasion, you will see a small field with an arrow in it. These arrows indicate
     that there is a choice to make. Point the mouse on the arrow and left click. A small window with the VE choices
     appears. Simply choose the item you desire and left click.
9. After the lines have been chosen, hit the 'Add Lines selected above to VE' button by pointing and left click. The
    bottom window will populate with the negative / positive conditions of each item.

10. Hit the 'view report' button (point and left click) and the report overlays on your screen showing the 'from,' the 'to'
      and the material / labor differences. This is your VE report to print.

11. Should you decide that you don't want an item to be VE that you already highlighted and moved to the 'selected'
      screen, simply point your mouse on the description in the 'Items Selected for VE'. Left click to highlight, and then
      right click. A window comes up that says 'remove from VE,' left click it. Then a prompt appears that will ask you
      to confirm, hit ok and the line disappears and won't show on the report.

12. When complete Click 'Exit VE'.

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