Path=VE/MC Cable

The Branch Conduit and Wire needs to be taken off in the Branch Fill Mode.

Value Engineer (VE)
V. E.  (Value Engineering)
VE is a tool to aid and assist the estimator in Value Engineering a job. Left click to open.
A small choice window will appear: STANDARD, COPPER TO ALUMINUM, M.C. CABLE.

MC Cable

1. Click 'VE', then Click 'MC Cable

2. A prompt window appears that wants to know the percentage of the total branch conduit that you do not want
    converted to MC. This could be home-runs that must remain as conduit. This is a judgment call from the estimator.

3. A number from 0 to 99 is acceptable and the default number is 10%.

4. The total conduit is shown at the top of the prompt window.

5. The MC value engineering portion of this schedule is for converting only the branch lighting and branch power,
," " EMT with #12, & #10 wire only.
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6. Once you insert the percentage number, click ok and the conversion is automatically done.

7. The report pops up and is ready for printing.

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