Path=VE/Copper to Aluminum

Value Engineer (VE)
V. E.  (Value Engineering)
VE is a tool to aid and assist the estimator in Value Engineering a job. Left click to open.
A small choice window will appear: STANDARD, COPPER TO ALUMINUM, M.C. CABLE.

Copper to Aluminum

Click 'VE', then Click 'Copper to Aluminum'

All feeders that you entered through the 'FEEDER SCHEDULE' will be shown here. If you have entered any pipe/wire through the conventional input method it will not show up in the 'Copper to Aluminum' V. E.  schedule.

1. A 'basic' NEC conduit fill reference chart is included at the top of the screen.

2. On the left are the names of the feeders along with their associated parts (only pipe and wire is shown).

3. At this point the estimator needs to analyze which feeders will be increasing the conduit size.
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     A. For example - Feeder 'A' is 4-#2/0 & 1-#6 in a 2" C. The 2/0 cu. will change to 4/0 alum. and the #6 cu. to #4
         alum. He then must refer to the conduit fill chart above. The 4-4/0 alum. will dictate that the conduit is to
         increase to 2-1/2".

     B. Notice to the far right the last column is called 'VE' and some of the boxes have an 'X' in them. The 'X' means
          that the line is 'on' or in other words, is going to be 'VE' and shown on the report.

     C. As the estimator is analyzing the conduit sizes, he turns each line on or off by pointing the mouse on the box
          and left clicking; an 'X' means on and an empty box means off.

     D. For our example with the #4/0 alum., the estimator would have to increase the conduit by placing an 'X' in the

     E. In another instance the wire may go from #8 cu. to #6 alum. The conduit could remain at the same size, so he
         wouldn't put an 'X' in that box.

     F. When you are finished analyzing and your selection is complete, hit the 'view report' button, left click and the
          report overlays with the 'from,' 'to' and 'differences'.

     G. If you go back to the estimate and add, change, delete feeders, the above process will need to be repeated
          for the report to be accurate.

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