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System, Area, Breakout, Alternates & Change Orders


A "Section" is defined as a particular System, Area and Breakout.

System, Area and Breakout

Systems, Areas and Breakouts can be created on the fly simply by typing in the name of the new System, Area or Breakout desired and pressing the TAB key.

Pressing the TAB key will push the newly typed text into the corresponding list box.

Systems should always be entered via the Spec Sheet. Typing a name into the SYSTEMS box does not install it into the SPEC REVIEW system. However, it will continue to work as part of the estimate process and be included in all the summary reports.

Use the Area list box to indicate the Base Bid and major breaking points of the project such as Building 1, Building 2 or Floor 1, Floor 2, or, perhaps, the exterior lighting portion of the bid would be listed here if the bid called for a site breakout.
Sections are selected by choosing the appropriate System, Area and Breakout from the list boxes provided.

Alternates and Change Orders

Alternates and Change Orders are created by clicking the ALT/CO text in the Breakout label above the Breakout list box.  Indicate whether this is an Add Alternate, Deduct Alternate or Change Order by clicking one of the radio buttons on the form.  Supply a name for the new breakout and click OK.

See - Creating & Printing Alternates & Change Orders

Note:  Alternates and Change Orders take over the 'Area' of a bid, you simply select a 'System' to go with this Breakout or Change Order.

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