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Spec Sheet

Project Specification Review Sheet - As a minimum you must fill out the 'Parts' Section

The ACES Spec Sheet controls the material that is offered during a takeoff. This process significantly
increases the speed of the take-off

The project review sheet, located under "Settings | Spec Sheet," contains 3 tabs.

Tab 1: Bid Information - This is where you supply bid specific information such as the Project Lead (head estimator) for this bid and various other parameters.  Please fill in all information.

Tab 2: Parts - This area allows you to filter/control the parts that can be used when putting the bid together.  The information should be taken from the spec book.  The will set up the job and prevent other estimators from selecting the wrong type of materials when formulating the bid as well as eliminate items that would otherwise clutter the take-off process.  This area can be revisited during the bidding process to add or remove items as necessary.
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Tab 3: Systems - This area works similar to the "Parts" area above in that it simply allows you to indicate the systems required in this project.  This area can also be revisited to add and remove systems as necessary.  To add systems to the bid, select them from the "Systems Available" list and click the Add button.  To remove systems already added, selected the systems needing to be removed from the "Systems Selected" list and click the Remove button.  To add a system not listed in the Systems Available list, click the (New) word located to the right of the words Systems Available.  To supply a Manufacturer name to a system, select the <Manufacturer> word in the "System Provider" column and click the Manufacturer button above System Provider to be prompted with a text box.  You can select more than one system at a time... should more than one system have the same manufacturer.

Close Spec Sheet once complete.

Remember you may revisit this sheet at any time to update with information or make changes to the bid.

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