Path=Settings/Save System Windows


Under 'settings' there is a choice called 'save system windows'. ACES created a method to shorten your take off time by keeping the estimator from opening and closing different input drop down windows for the different systems.

1. Choose the input drop down windows that you would use for a particular system.

     A. For example 'Branch Lighting'. The input windows that you would choose to use may possibly be the assembly
          branch conduit, the parts standard window and possibly the parts wire window. Once those three input
          windows populate the screen, go to 'Settings' and highlight the line 'save system windows' and left click.

     B. Now every time you go to the system 'Branch Lighting' those three windows will appear ready for your takeoff.

     C. Should you need to change them in the future just pick the windows you want and click the 'save system
          windows' again and the system is revised to your newest choices.

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