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Panel Schedules

The 'Panel Schedule' system is used to input Panels, Switchgear, Transformers, etc. in a systematic approach.

1. Point the mouse on 'schedules' and left click. Highlight 'Panel Schedule' and left click.

2. The 'Panel Schedule' window pops-up, which looks similar to the Fixture and Feeder Schedule windows. Any equipment entered in the 'Panel Schedule' will be included in your Panel Bill of Material under reports. You will see a large 'switchgear', a small 'switchgear' and a 'disconnect' window.

3. Entering Equipment in the 'Panel Schedule - The cursor is blinking for input on 'Panel Type'. From the panel schedule on the documents enter your first item, example MSB. You will not be able to enter any equipment for this item until you have designated what you are taking off in 'Panel Type'. Highlight the items required, and double left click. The part descriptions populate in the window at the bottom right corner and the cursor is blinking just above the contents. When you have inputted all the items for this panel type, click the 'Select Panel' button in the top right corner. The contents clear out and you are ready to input the next panel.
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  4. Copying Panels - When you first put in the panel designation and prior to any equipment being added, click the mouse in the box to the right of description. An 'Existing Panel' box appears. Click the down arrow and select the panel you want to copy, answer yes to the popup box and the panel contents will automatically fill in. If needed you can adjust the quantities by clicking on the item.

5. Change Panel Settings - If you need to make a change to a panel such as the System it is in, area, breakout, Material Level or Labor Difficulty, click 'Change Panel Settings' and select the changes you want to make. Once complete click 'Update' and the changes will be made.

6. Rename Current Panel - If you need to make a name change to an existing panel bring the panel designation up in the 'Panel Type' box and click 'Rename Current Panel'. Enter the new panel designation in the pop up box and click 'OK'. Note: Please make sure that no one else has the 'Panel Schedules' box open prior to making this change.

7. Delete Current Panel - If you need to delete a panel and the equipment associated with it, bring the panel designation up in the 'Panel Type' box and click 'Delete Current Panel'. The panel and its contents will be removed from the bid.
8. Hints:

A. While creating the panel schedules you are creating the bill of material to give to your vendors. This can be viewed and printed under the menu item 'Reports/Panel Schedules'.

B. You also can create a 'Misc.' bill of material and input starters, disconnects, etc., that will also be included with the vendor bill of material. You do this by creating a 'Panel Type' "Misc." and then enter all the miscellaneous equipment required.

NOTE: Items added to the bid via the Panel Schedule can only be removed via the Panel Schedule... select an item and enter 0 for the quantity.

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