Multi-User / Server / Saving Database other than Default Location

Installation Instructions


1. Install ACES on the individual workstations you want to use ACES on.

2. Prior to using ACES, from one of the individual workstations copy the following files from

C:\FunctionWare\ACES directory).

          a. acesmaster.mdb
          b. acesusers.mdb
          c. acesnew.mdb
          d. acesoffice.mdb
          e. acesve.mdb
          f. aces.ini

3. Paste these files all in the same location where you would like to store your Estimates. These
    must be in the same directory as your estimates. We recommend storing them under a directory
    called ACES.
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Electrical Estimating
Software Systems
ACES Pro Electrical Estimating Software
4. The following database resides on each terminal and is NOT relocated to the server.

          a. acesoptions.mdb. (This file is located in the C:\FunctionWare\ACES directory). This
              database will need to reside on each individual workstation as it lets ACES know where
              the other databases are.

5. After this is complete, at each workstation you will need to tell ACES where the above files are  
    located. See - Selecting the Location of Estimates & Databases

6. You will also want to set up your users after these files are relocated and the individual workstations
     have told ACES where they are located. See - Adding & Deleting Users.

6. If you have any questions please contact support from our website at:

ACES Pro Electrical Estimating Software