Creating a Estimate

1. Insert the ACES disk into the CD player of the computer you would like to install ACES in. Do not
    install ACES in a server, it must be loaded in each users computer. Once loaded you will locate the databases
    in the server for multiple users.

2. If it does not autostart:
     A. XP users Click the Windows 'Start' button, then click 'My Computer'
     B. Vista users Click the 'Windows Start Icon', then click 'Computer'

3. Double Click the drive of your CD player

4. Click 'Setup.exe'

5. When you see the 'Welcome Screen' for the ACES - InstallShield Wizard, Click 'Next'

6. The 'Ready to Install the Program' screen will appear, Click 'Install'
ACES Pro Globe
Electrical Estimating
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ACES Pro Electrical Estimating Software
7. The installation is now in progress

8. When the 'InstallShield Wizard Completed' screen appears, the installation is complete

     A. By default there is a check in 'Program Update' box

     B. Click the 'Finish' button

9. Next you will see the 'Update Service' screen appear

     A. In order for the 'Update Service' to work you must be connected to the Internet

     B. If you are not able to connect to the internet at this time click 'Cancel'

     C. When the update is complete Click 'Finish'

10. The installation is now complete - See 'Starting ACES for the First Time'

ACES Pro Electrical Estimating Software