Finding Parts and Assemblies

If you need to find a Part or Assembly that you cannot locate by drilling down, perform the following:

1. Left Click 'Find' on the main menu.

2. Left Click either 'Parts' or 'Assemblies' depending on what you are looking for

3. A 'Search Parts' or 'Search Assemblies' box appears

4. Type in the part or assembly you are looking for. (If you do not get what you are looking for try typing in a shorter
    name or a different name. The shorter item that is typed in the more parts or assemblies that match it will appear

5. Find the item you are looking for in the list and double click it. The part ID and description will be inserted at the top of the page and the cursor will be blinking in the quantity box waiting for the input

6. Input the quantity needed and it is added to the estimate.
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A. You can also left Click '[Find]' to the right of the 'Parts' or 'Assemblies' box for quicker access.

B. You can right Click a part or assembly and select 'Show Drill Down Path'. The drill down path is indicated
     for future use.

ACES Pro Electrical Estimating Software