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Feeder Schedule

The 'Feeder Schedule' system is used when taking of feeders and conduit runs that you would like to designate or name in the bid. Any item that you would like to VE from copper to aluminum must be entered in the feeder schedule.

1. Point the mouse on 'schedules' and left click. Highlight 'Feeder Schedule' and left click.

2. The 'Feeder Schedule' window pops-up, which looks similar to the Fixture and Panel Schedule windows. Any material entered in the 'Feeder Schedule' will be included in your Feeder Schedule Bill of Material under reports.

3. The 'Feeder Schedule' system works hand-in-hand with the 'Value Engineering' system. You are still able to input feeders through the 'conduit fill mode,' however the 'Value Engineering' system only works with the 'Feeder Schedule'.

4. Entering Feeders - Click 'Schedules' (3rd item on the top menu bar) & left click. Highlight 'feeder schedule' and left click. The feeder window pops up.

A. On the left side of the window are parts / assemblies sub-windows to choose from. Those windows don't close and can't be changed, but you can access every part in the database from those windows.
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B. On the right side of the window are all your input stations. First you have to name the feeder you are inputting. For example, if you were inputting from the main switchboard to panel A, you could name it MSB - A. After you type the name in, highlight which conduit you require, double click & drill down until you get your desired sizes.

C. Pick the size you require & it loads into the part description. CONFIRM that the number of runs is correct. Install the quantity and push enter.

D. Now do the same for elbows, fittings, wire, etc.. Couplings are automatically included on all sizes, except that you must add any couplings required if you add elbows to a run.

E. When entering wire, note that make-up is highlighted and the number of wires is defaulted to 4. You may adjustment the number of wires by entering the number. Enter the phase conductors first, then the ground wire next. After you entered the phase conductors, the number of wires per run automatically defaults to 1.

F. The part category window at the left bottom corner is for adding any specials, sub-parts, concrete, excavation, etc., to the named feeder.

G. When you have completed this feeder, click the 'select feeder' button and this group of parts / assemblies will be retained at the name you gave them in step 4.B. All inputs you entered are then cleared out, ready for the next feeder.

5. Copying Feeders - When you have multiple feeders using the same bill of material you can copy an existing feeder into the new feeder. This eliminates having to repick the same material over and over again. If you would like to copy the material takeoff from an existing feeder to a new feeder do the following:

A. Enter a new feeder name in the feeder box.

B. Click the drop down arrow right below the words "PART CATEGORIES". This arrow is to the right of the words "STANDARD" on the left middle part of the Feeder Schedule Box.

C. Scroll down to the bottom of the box where you will see the existing feeders taken off for this project.

D. Click on the feeder you want to copy.

E. A box will appear asking you if you want to copy all parts from that feeder.

F. Click "Yes".

G. The material from the existing feeder will appear in the Feeder Contents box for your new feeder.

H. Click on the material in the Feeder Contents box to change the quantities if needed.

I. Click on the "Select Feeder" box to continue with your feeder takeoff.

6. Change Feeder Settings -  If you need to make a change to a feeder such as the System it is in, area, breakout, Material Level or Labor Difficulty, click 'Change Feeder Settings' and select the changes you want to make. Once complete click 'Update' and the changes will be made.
7. Rename Current Feeder - If you need to make a name change to an existing feeder bring the feeder designation up in the 'Feeder' box and click 'Rename Current Feeder'. Enter the new feeder designation in the pop up box and click 'OK'. Note: Please make sure that no one else has the 'Feeder Schedules' box open prior to making this change.

8. Delete Current Feeder
- If you need to delete a feeder and the material associated with it, bring the feeder designation up in the 'Feeder' box and click 'Delete Current Feeder'. The feeder and its contents will be removed from the bid.

9. Hints:

A. If you need to change or correct any of the quantities to any feeder entered, just bring up the feeder in the 'Select Feeder' box and click the item you want to change. Enter the new total quantity needed for each item changed. You are not entering the difference, you are entering the new total quantity. Lets say you entered 1000' of 1-1/4" EMT and you meant 100'. Change the number to 100'. Do not deduct 900' (NO NEGATIVE NUMBERS). After you change all the items you want to change for that feeder, click the 'Select Feeder' box and your estimate is updated.

C. Always be aware of the quantity. The last quantity you entered is still in the input box for faster inputting if the next item has the same quantity!

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