Changing the Price/Labor of an Existing Part

You can change the price/labor of an existing part

The price and/or labor units may be changed for an existing part.  For assemblies see - Change Price/Labor/Contents of Assemblies

1. Drill down to the part that you wish to change, select and right click it.

2. Select Create Special Part from the short cut menu. 

3. From the Create Special Part window you may change the Material Price and Labor Units entries (as well as the
    Cost Code, Part Description and Unit fields).

4. Input a material cost and labor unit.

5. When complete select a category to the left of the 'Update Box'. All special parts except those with a fixture
    category will be listed in the 'Special Parts' window in the category you selected. Special parts with a fixture
    category will be listed in the 'Fixture Schedule' special parts window.
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6. When complete left click the 'Update' button. The box clears itself and it is ready for the next assembly.

7. Your new parts will be listed in the category that you selected in the 'Special' window, in 'Parts'.

Note: "Special" parts are given a part ID number preceded with dollar signs ($$). These dollar signs will show on the
print out to let you know in the summary reports that this particular item has been revised.

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