Path=Utilities/Change Diff (Difficulty)/Labor or Material


Changing the Labor/Material Difficulty

Located under the Utilities menu, the Change Diff... option allows you to change the labor and/or material difficulty levels of existing items within the estimate.

1. Click 'Utilities' on the main menu, click 'Change Diff', then click 'Labor' or 'Material'.

2. Click either 'All' or 'Select'

     A. If you click 'Select' you will be able to pick the 'System', 'Area' and 'Breakout' of what you want to change.

3.  In the 'From' and 'To' boxes simply indicate what you want to change it to.

4. Clicking the Change button completes the process.

This utility only changes items within the estimate.  When entering new items into the estimate the Material Level and Labor Diff drop down boxes indicate the levels being used.
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You can also change the labor and material prices when the takeoff is being entered into the estimate. In the third toolbox line, on the right side, there are two drop down boxes. One says Material Level and the other says Labor Difficulty. Just hit the drop down arrow and click to which level you want to be in for either material and /or labor.  From that moment on all items entered into the estimate will be at the levels you choose until you change them back. Any items entered before you changed the levels remain as they were.

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