Path = Admin/Add/Edit Parts & Assemblies

Creating Special Parts & Assemblies in the master database

Creating Special Parts

To create a special part, select (double click) Special from the Parts drop down list box.  From the Special form that appears, double click Add / Edit Parts and a fill in window will appear.

The Part ID field will default with the next available number.

Type in the Description, the Units (Each (E), hundreds (C) or thousands (M)), the Material Cost and Labor Units.
Hit the drop down arrow; choose a description that best fits this item, click Update and your new item will appear in the Special Parts list unless you selected "fixtures" as a description. If you selected fixtures your item will appear in the special parts list in the fixture schedule.

From this point on, special parts are handled just like normal parts.
Right clicking a special part allows you to Edit its description, material cost and labor units.
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Creating a Special Assembly

Select Special Assemblies from the Settings menu to view the window below. Click the drop down arrow in the 'category' window and choose the closest description for the assembly that you are creating.

Type in the description of what this assemblies name is. The I.D. number will fill in automatically.

Now you are ready to start building the assembly. The lower left box has all the groups of parts in the database. For instance, if you would need a 4 square box, choose devices, choose boxes in the next window then choose 4 square then 1-1/2 deep and you will see a choice of boxes come up in the select part window.

Highlight the box that you require and click the add button. It then moves over to the assembly contents window, but always defaults to a quantity of one. If you need to change the quantity, click on the quantity and a small window pops up where you are to adjust the quantity, then push OK.

After you are finished building this special assembly, click
update in the top right corner. That clears the window and is ready to either create another assembly or you click the X and get out of the special assembly system.

The new assembly you just created will be under the assemblies' window, click the drop down arrow and highlight 'special' left click and it will be on the list for your use.

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