Add Quantity to an Existing Item or Deleting Existing Items

You can change the quantity of an existing item or delete an existing item.

1. Highlight the item in the
history window by double clicking the item.

2. If it is a part the item will appear in the description window (top right corner). If it is an assembly, the 'Fill Mode' box will appear.

3. In the 'Quantity' box, either at the top of the screen if it is a part or in the 'Fill Mode' box if it is an assembly, insert either a positive or negative number depending on what you are trying to accomplish.

4. If you insert a positive number that quantity will be added to the estimate.

5. If you insert a negative number for a part a confirmation box will appear, click 'Delete' to confirm. The change will show in the history window.

6. If you insert a negative number for an assembly, the item is removed from the estimate as indicated in the history window.

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