Adding Parts to an Estimate


Enter items thru the parts method simply by left clicking the drop down arrow of the parts window, left click the item you need and drill down to the part you are looking for. (To speed up your input see '
Window Automation Per System')

Simply highlight the item in the window that matches your takeoff item, left click twice and enter the quantity in the yellow quantity box with the blinking cursor, on the top line, middle of the page, then push the enter key. To the immediate right of the quantity box are the part ID number and also a description of the item that was chosen.
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Hints - Right Click a Part:

A. 'Show Material and Labor' - A quick method of reviewing the material and labor of any part is to right click the part and then left click 'Show Material and Labor'. Click 'OK' when complete.

B. 'Change Master Database' - FOR ADMINISTRATORS ONLY - Left click the 'Change Master Database' to bring up the 'Edit Master Database' box. From here you can update or change the material and labor units for the item. Click 'Update' when complete.

C. 'Create Special Part' - A quick method of creating a special part is starting with an existing part. Highlight the part you want to use, and then right click. Select 'Create Special Part'. You can change the 'Cost Code', 'Part Description', 'Unit', 'Material Price' and 'Labor Units'. When complete select a category to the left of the 'Update Box'. All special parts except those with a fixture category will be listed in the 'Special Parts' window in the category you selected. Special parts with a fixture category will be listed in the 'Fixture Schedule' special parts window. When you are complete, click 'Update'.

ACES Pro Electrical Estimating Software